Our horses have been featured in media for over 2 decades.
Here are just a few of the projects we have been involved in:

• Music video: Baby Face (artist) "Tender Love" (song), 1989
Horse: "Lighting" Breed: Percheron

• Movie: The Fisher King, 1991
Horse: "Goliath" and "Lightning" Breed: Percheron

• Magazine: Vogue, 1992
Horse: "Abby" Breed: Arabian

• Movie: First of May, 1999
Horse: "Mossimo" Breed: Percheron

• Movie: The Great Flip-Off, 2018
Horse: "Romeo" Breed: Halflinger, "Ferro" Breed: Percheron/Belgian, and "Cognac" Breed" Percheron

• Music video: Gucci Mane (artist) "Enzo", 2019
Horse: "Veleno" Breed: Friesian

• Movie: The Mustang, 2019
Horse: "Mafioso" Breed: Lusitano

Movie: Jumamji 2023
Horse: "Veleno" Breed: Friesian

• Commercial: Rémy Martin Cognac 2023 Superbowl Commercial with Serena Williams
Horses: "Veleno" Breed: Friesian and "Valentino" Breed: Andalusian

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