The Friesian is a breed orginating in Friesland, Netherlands. Resembling a light draft horse, Friesians are graceful and nimble for thier size. During the Middle Ages, it is believed that the ancestors of Friesian horses were in great demand as war horses throughout Europe. Their size and presence enabled them to carry knights in armor on the battlefield. Cirque Ma'Ceo' s Friesian stallion, "Veleno" is an exquisite example of the modern day Friesian horse. 12 year old Veleno was born in Michigan and started his career with Olissio at the age of 2. Beginning with the fundamentals of liberty, Veleno developed a deep connection with Olissio through this dance of horse and man. High school and Classical Dressage was the next step of his career learning the top movements; Piaffe, Passage, canter pirouettes, and Spanish March. Aside from performing as one of Cirque Ma'Ceo's center peice horses, Veleno has appeared in magazines and music videos.


The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (pura raza española), is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of years. The Andalusian has been recognized as a distinct breed since the 15th century, and its conformation has changed very little over the centuries. Throughout its history, it has been known for its prowess as a war horse, and was prized by the nobility. The breed was used as a tool of diplomacy by the Spanish government, and kings across Europe rode and owned Spanish horses. Exports of Andalusians from Spain were restricted until the 1960s, but the breed has since spread throughout the world, despite their low population. In 2010, there were more than 185,000 registered Andalusians worldwide. A fun fact is most Andalusians are born a dark color and many turn white (grey). Valentino will eventually turn completely white. Strongly built, compact yet elegant, the young stallion Valentino is a rising star of Cirque Ma'Ceo.


The Suffolk Punch is an old English draft horse breed. The breed takes the first part of its name from the county of Suffolk in East Anglia and the name "Punch" from its solid appearance and strength and always chestnut or sorrel in color. The Suffolk Punch was developed for farm work, and gained popularity in the early 20th century. However, as agriculture became increasingly merchanized, the breed fell out of favor and almost disappeared completely. Conservancy of the breed has begun increasing in numbers. Cirque Ma'Ceo is proud to promote this breed across the country with 14 year old Guido. our main star in the Bareback act. With an honest and noble personality, Guido is the main star of the Bareback act. Guido has been with Cirque Ma'Ceo for 10 years and continues to shine in every performance.


Buccho is an 11 year old Miniature horse stallion with a big personality! He has been with the show since its inception, premiering under the spotlights as a 3 year old with only 2 weeks of rehearsal. Buccho is a crowd favorite, showing off his Liberty skills with flair and attitude.


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